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First meeting of the CHS Technical Advisory Group takes place in Geneva

The first meeting of the Technical Advisory Group of the Core Humanitarian Standard took place on April 29-30 in Geneva, with 45 participants representing 41 organisations from across the globe in attendance.

The CHS stakeholder consultation attracts feedback from around the globe

The stakeholder consultation, which closed at the end of March 2014, saw more than 300 individuals from across the world engage with the first draft of the Core Humanitarian Standard.

Core Humanitarian Standard website launches

A new website designed to act as an information hub during the development of the Core Humanitarian Standard launched today.
What's new
What's new

COAST Trust contributes to the first response in Cox Bazar, as Rohingya refugees reach Bangladesh, October 2017

Credit: COAST Trust, Bangladesh 

The Core Humanitarian Standard should be the basis against which we undertake and judge our work. To best support those affected by crises, we must always strive to match our technical interventions with the effort to meet the Standard.
Peter Walker, former Director, Feinstein International Center
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