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CHS welcomed by the German humanitarian community in Berlin

On the invitation of the German Foreign Office and VENRO, the umbrella organisation for development NGOs in Germany, HAP International facilitated a half-day workshop on the Core Humanitarian Standard. The 25 participants were highly engaged throughout the workshop, highlighting what they like about the CHS, their concerns, and detailing the support they need to implement the standard.

Consultation on the CHS Guidance Notes and Indicators to support organisations applying the standard

The two-month global consultation on the draft Core Humanitarian Standard (CHS) Guidance Notes and Indicators has now closed. We have had a great response and would like to thank all those who provided us with valuable feedback.

Final consultation on the draft CHS Verification Framework

The final consultation on the draft Core Humanitarian Standard (CHS) Verification Framework has now closed and we would like to thank all the humanitarian and development actors who responded with valuable feedback.

CHS now available in English, French and Spanish – more languages coming soon

The Core Humanitarian Standard on Quality and Accountability (CHS) has now been launched in English, Spanish and French at regional events across Europe, South America and Africa. The Arabic version of the CHS will be available in May, and a number of other versions in key languages will follow throughout the year.

CHS receives positive feedback from Australian humanitarian community

Jonathan Potter of People In Aid visited Australia in March 2015 and presented the CHS to a variety of NGOs and government members at a number of events. Discussions were engaging and overall feedback on the CHS was positive.

Update from CHS launch events in Paris, France and Nairobi, Kenya

The French version of the Core Humanitarian Standard on Quality and Accountability (CHS) was officially launched at an event in Paris, France on 19 March 2015. A regional launch of the CHS also took place in Nairobi, Kenya. Both events brought together many of the key actors in the humanitarian and development sectors and led to lively discussions on the CHS.

Consultation on the draft CHS Monitoring and Verification Framework launched

The CHS describes the essential elements of principled, accountable and high-quality humanitarian action. The draft CHS Monitoring and Verification Framework is a coherent and systematic approach to measuring how the CHS is used, and with what results. As such, it is an important quality assurance tool to ensure organisations are consistently assessing and reporting against the Standard using the same criteria, and generating comparable data.

The CHS in Spanish launching today

The Core Humanitarian Standard in Spanish will be launching in Bogota Colombia today at an event bringing together many of the key actors in the humanitarian and development sectors in Latin America.

CHS Guidance notes and indicators currently under review, expected soon

Guidance Notes and Indicators for the CHS are currently being designed and tested, and will be available for download and consultation soon.

Launch event videos and interviews now available to view

Videos of the English launch of the CHS which took place in Copenhagen, Denmark last year are now available to view. You can also watch interviews with several of the delegates who talk about why they think the CHS is important to the sector, and the impact it will have on the future of humanitarian action.
What's new
What's new

COAST Trust contributes to the first response in Cox Bazar, as Rohingya refugees reach Bangladesh, October 2017

Credit: COAST Trust, Bangladesh 

The Core Humanitarian Standard should be the basis against which we undertake and judge our work. To best support those affected by crises, we must always strive to match our technical interventions with the effort to meet the Standard.
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