The third consultation on the Core Humanitarian Standard on Quality and Accountability is now live. The third consultation is quick to complete and we encourage all humanitarian actors to make their voices heard in the final consultation before the launch of the CHS on December 12.

What is the third consultation? The third consultation on the CHS will allow people to express whether they think the CHS is good enough to be published and used. The following question is posed: In your view, is the CHS good enough to be published?. By answering ‘yes’, respondents will be given the opportunity to make any final comments. All respondents answering ‘no’ will be obliged, before they can submit their response, to indicate what would need to be changed in the Standard for it to be acceptable to them. This stage of the consultation is fundamental in establishing the acceptance of the Standard.

Who is it for? Anyone can take part in the consultation. One requirement is that people give their names and contact details so the CHS team can contact the respondent for more details should they have an objection to it being published.

When will the consultation run until? The consultation will run until Friday October 17 Midnight CET.

Please take part in the third CHS consultation

Read the third version of the Core Humanitarian Standard

Launch the online survey and take part

How version 3 of the CHS differs from version 2

The CHS V3 has changed from CHS V2 in five significant ways:

  • The language has been simplified to make it more widely accessible
  • There has been an effort at streamlining the standard to reduce duplications.
  • The structure of the Standard has changed in response to comments received. In particular, Commitment 1 was split into two Commitments; there are now Nine Commitments in total with corresponding key actions and organisational responsibilities outlined.
  • In consideration of the degree to which the CHS should be verifiable, it describes the essential elements of principled and accountable quality humanitarian action; future guidance notes will provide a framework and indicators to support verification of performance.
  • The Commitment sub titles of ‘Relevant staff’ and ‘Organisational  leadership’  were replaced with ‘Key Actions’ and ‘Organisational responsibilities’

A document detailing all of the feedback received from the second consultation will be available on the CHS website from Friday October 3 for your background information.