The stakeholder consultation, which closed at the end of March 2014, saw more than 300 individuals from across the world engage with the first draft of the Core Humanitarian Standard.

We would like to thank those who took the time to host focus group discussions, workshops, engage with the digital feedback channels and contribute to a wealth of recommendations. The feedback was rich and varied, and has been instrumental in ensuring that the Standard reflects the needs of the sector. Crucially, respondents were overwhelmingly supportive of the initiative and agreed that the CHS was needed to bring greater coherence to standards in the humanitarian sector, and to give greater clarity to aid workers on the ground.

The feedback and recommendations have been taken into account in the drafting of the second version of the CHS, which is now available to view and download as part of the second phase of the consultation. This second phase will involve targeted piloting of the CHS at regional level and remote scenario testing, and we encourage all individuals and organisations to take part – more details about how you can get involved can be found in the links below.

To ensure transparency and facilitate a better understanding of the consultation process, the consolidated feedback from the stakeholder consultation is now available to view and download.