The second consultation on the Core Humanitarian Standard has now closed, with more than 125 networks, individuals and organisations feeding back on the content of the standard. 63 organisations field tested the standard across the globe, providing a wealth of information about the practicability of the Eight Commitments. The CHS team would like to thank all of those who took part in the second phase of the consultation. A synthesis report containing all of the feedback received will be available on The Standard page shortly.

The second draft of the Core Humanitarian Standard is currently being revised in accordance with the feedback received, and the third version of the CHS will be available on The Standard page from September 29 2014. Version 3 will undergo a third consultation to elicit opinions as opposed to comments, more about which is below.

The third consultation on the Core Humanitarian Standard

What is it? The third consultation on the CHS will allow people to express whether they think the CHS is good enough to be published and used. The question asked will be: “In your view, is the CHS good enough to be published?”. By answering yes, respondents will be given the opportunity to make any final comments. All respondents answering no will be obliged, before they can submit their response, to indicate what would need to be changed in the standard for it to be acceptable to them. Although this is not a formal vote, this stage will be fundamental in establishing a formal acceptance of the standard. An online survey mechanism will be used for this consultation.  

Who is it for? Anyone can take part in the consultation, and this will be available online as per previous consultations. One requirement is that people give their names and contact details so the CHS team can contact the respondent for more details should they have an objection.

When will the consultation run from and until? It will run from Monday September 29 until Friday October 17.

More information about how to take part in the third phase of the consultation will be available on the get involved page on Monday September 29.