Three weeks in to the guided testing period, we are starting to hear from organisations testing the Core Humanitarian Standard on Quality and Accountability (CHS). Helen Barley, Programme Development Coordinator (Syria Refugee Response) at War Child UK, shared her early feedback from the field. She highlights the immediate benefits that she has experienced in applying the CHS, and the practical value of the structured approach to measurement:

“War Child UK is very excited to be involved in the guided testing of the Core Humanitarian Standard on Quality and Accountability. Though we are only in the first week of the testing, the CHS tools, including the baseline document, have really supported us to reflect on our project working with Syrian refugee children and their caregivers in Za’atari, and to assess the extent to which we are compliant with various standards.

The chaotic and fast-paced nature of working in the humanitarian sector can mean that compliance to these humanitarian standards can be neglected or compromised. The CHS tools are relatively simple and straightforward to use, providing NGOs with a structured way of measuring their adherence to standards, without taking up too much time.

During week one of the testing I ran a focus group discussion with our field staff in Za’atari camp and through this we have started to talk together about practical ways in which we can improve our programme. The best aspect of this process is that it forces staff to take time to reflect on the quality of the programme work and to identify the gaps or shortfalls they see, then to develop actions to address these. So far, so good!”