The first meeting of the Technical Advisory Group of the Core Humanitarian Standard took place on April 29-30 in Geneva, with 45 participants representing 41 organisations from across the globe in attendance.

During the course of the meeting it was agreed that the Core Humanitarian Standard is a verifiable framework that supports humanitarian actors to apply humanitarian principles, improve the quality of humanitarian action, and bring greater accountability to the people we aim to assist.

The discussions demonstrated a keen interest in the Core Humanitarian Standard, and a growing commitment to the harmonisation of standards in the humanitarian sector. It was generally felt there were a number of areas that the CHS still needed to address, including the greater empowerment of communities and people affected by crisis, and future drafts of the Standard are expected to consider these points.

During the meeting of the Technical Steering Group, which has been mandated by the TAG to make decisions on their behalf, the following timeline was agreed for the future:
May 28: Second version of the CHS is made available for testing
June 2: The second phase of the CHS consultation begins
Mid-September: The second phase of the CHS consultation concludes
October 29-30: TAG meeting in London to discuss revisions made to the CHS based on the feedback from the second phase of the testing
Early December: CHS is launched

>> Download the notes from the first TAG meeting and the minutes of the TSG meeting