The final consultation on the draft Core Humanitarian Standard (CHS) Verification Framework has now closed and we would like to thank all the humanitarian and development actors who responded with valuable feedback.

The CHS consists of Nine Commitments that describe the essential elements of principled, accountable and high-quality humanitarian action. The draft CHS Verification Framework is a coherent and systematic approach to measuring an organisation’s progress in its application of the CHS. The Framework includes indicators for each of the CHS Key Actions and Organisational Responsibilities to help determine how well the CHS is reflected in an organisation’s policies and practices. As such, it is an important quality assurance tool to ensure organisations are consistently assessing and reporting against the CHS (both by a process of self-assessment and external verification) using the same criteria, and generating comparable data.

The draft CHS Verification Framework has been field-tested with several organisations, and has been revised in accordance with this. The current version is the final draft and reflects feedback from earlier consultations.

The consultation on the final version of the CHS Verification Framework has closed and we are no longer accepting feedback. The consultation had a great response and we would like to thank everyone who participated.

You are still able to view the latest draft of the CHS Verification Framework here.

The final CHS Verification Framework will be published towards the end of May 2015. Once published, the Verification Framework will continue to be subject to feedback and learning, and will be updated as necessary.

Please contact for more details on the CHS Verification Framework and its development. A report on the different consultation phases to date can be downloaded here.