The two-month global consultation on the draft Core Humanitarian Standard (CHS) Guidance Notes and Indicators has now closed. We have had a great response and would like to thank all those who provided us with valuable feedback.

The CHS, launched in December 2014, has become a common reference framework for all people working with vulnerable people and crisis-affected populations, supporting quality and accountability in all programmes. The CHS Guidance Notes and Indicators will help humanitarian actors and organisations apply, monitor and evaluate the CHS in their programmes at any stage of the project cycle.

The Guidance Notes and Indicators is aimed at everyone involved in planning, managing and implementing humanitarian and development work, including staff and volunteers of local, national and international agencies. The resource is not a “how to” guide but rather a user-friendly collection of resources and best practice. It provides clarification on the CHS’s Key Actions and Organisational Responsibilities, and examines some of the practical challenges that may arise when applying the standard. The Guidance Notes and Indicators explains why each of the Nine Commitments is important and provides practical examples of how to apply the commitments for different audiences and contexts.

The notes are also intended to help users measure the degree to which they are meeting the CHS and drive continuous learning and improvement in the quality and accountability of humanitarian and development work. 

A consultation process on the draft Guidance Notes and Indicators took place from 30 April to 30 June 2015. The purpose was to allow field users to apply the CHS in their work, and provide feedback on their experience in doing so, in order that the document can be tested and finalised. Testers were invited to select their own approach to gathering feedback, whether by using the CHS while designing a new project, or reviewing an existing project or country strategy. Feedback on all commitments was the preferred option to ensure a comprehensive review, but more selective feedback based on commitment specific interest and know-how was also welcome.

Humanitarian and development actors can continue to download the draft CHS Guidance Notes and Indicators until the finalised version is made available.

If you have any concerns or questions on the Guidance Notes and Indicators, please do not hesitate to contact us at