Osman Consulting organised a training session about the Core Humanitarian Standard on Quality and Accountability (CHS) in Gaziantep, Turkey, from 9 to 11 April. The group, consisting of 30 participants, represented some 15 Syrian organisations operating in Syria and Turkey.

Delivered in Arabic, the training session provided an introduction to the CHS in relation to other standards, such as the Sphere Standards and the Minimum Standards for Education (INEE), to name only a few. Participants discussed the Nine Commitments of the CHS and applied them in scenarios inspired from their everyday situatons on the ground. As the conflict in Syria continues to produce humanitarian calamities, the training has highlighted the responsibility of individuals and organisations to ensure that key standards are applied.  

What they thought about the training session:

Rami Abazha, Independent Consultant: "This training was important for me as a way to apply the Nine Commitments, which will allow me to deliver the best form of humanitarian help according to the highest standard."

AbdulSalam Al-Shareif, Gaziantep Coordinator, IHH: "The most important aspect of the training was the level of experience of the trainers, and the practical scenarios they presented to everyone; the importance of maintaining human dignity and how to deal with local authorities, for example, were both very important points."

Nathem Sadeq, Humanitarian Trainer, Orange NGO: "It was important for me to know the difference between the standard and the Nine Commitments; and it was also great to be taken back to the beginnings of humanitarian work, and understand the key milestones of how this sector developed and came about."