The Core Humanitarian Standard (CHS) is now available in Filipino (Tagalog). The CHS management team would like to thank Christian Aid and the Center for Disaster Preparedness for preparing the translation. The CHS in Filipino (Tagalog) will be an invaluable resource for humanitarian and development organisations working across Asia and worldwide.

Acknowledgements from the translators

China Pearl Patria M. De Vera 

“Translating the Core Humanitarian Standard to the Filipino language is very timely. This will make it more accessible to humanitarian workers, the work of which has increased and expanded. We recognize that there have been limitations in the translation but we also know its relevance to the communities.  According to a former language professor, Monico Atienza, translating a document becomes more relevant if the language is understood and owned by the communities.

The process of translation has been a collective undertaking as the context is also taken into account. This has also undergone several consultations and peer reviews. The challenge was to ensure that the translation is based on context and appropriate. Our experience in humanitarian work is limited but the consultations and peer reviews among more experienced in the field made this possible.”
Levy B. Dela Cruz

"The CHS is a synthesis of practice of various groups and organizations on principled humanitarian action. This consolidates and further develops the work among disaster-affected households and communities. It also emphasizes the need to build staff and volunteers’ capacities and capabilities to ensure that the response is relevant and appropriate to those who are affected. In sum, CHS emphasizes the enhancement of people’s dignity and not the promotion of destitution and helplessness especially among the most vulnerable at any time during the humanitarian crisis – which is important to their recovery."

The CHS is now available in 21 languages on our Standard page: Arabic, Bangla, Bahasa Indonesia, Chinese, English, Filipino (Tagalog), French, Haitian Creole, Khmer, Korean, Myanmar, Nepali, Portuguese, Spanish, Swahili, Thai, Turkish, Ukrainian and Urdu. We also encourage interested individuals and organisations to translate the CHS into other languages. This helps disseminate the document more widely and supports the efforts of humanitarian and development actors to improvement the quality and effectiveness of their responses. Those wishing to do so should first email for more information and approval from the CHS communications team.