The Guidance Notes for the Core Humanitarian Standard are being developed by a group of experts who bring a diverse range of experience to this document. It is expected that the draft CHS Guidance Notes will be available on the CHS website at the end of February 2015. They will provide guidance for those organisations implementing the CHS, while also giving users of the Notes a chance to comment on and help enrich them. A formal consultation on the Guidance Notes is planned and details on how to get involved will be available at the end of February 2015. For more information about the CHS Guidance Notes, please contact David Loquercio on

At the same time, a CHS Verification Framework is being developed and field-tested. This testing is through a number of assessments which represent a variety of contexts, with the aim of ensuring its relevance and applicability. The Verification Framework includes Indicators and Means of Verification which will allow evaluation of the level to which the CHS is applied in an organisation. The Framework will be available for download from the CHS website, for consultation and comment. For more information about the CHS Indicators and the CHS Verification Scheme, please contact Pierre Hauselmann on