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We are looking forward to meeting you at HNPW 2019 next week!

The CHS Alliance, Groupe URD and Sphere will be actively participating in the Humanitarian Networks and Partnerships Week, hosted by UN OCHA in Geneva from 4 to 8 February.

CHS and Guidance Notes and Indicators launch in Italian

The Core Humanitarian Standard (CHS) and the Guidance Notes and Indicators are now available in Italian. The CHS management team would like to thank INTERSOS Humanitarian Aid Organisation, the Civil Volunteer Group, the International Committee for the Development of Peoples (CISP) and the the Medical Collaboration Committee for preparing the translation. The CHS in Italian will be an invaluable resource for humanitarian and development organisations working worldwide.

Reporting on the Grand Bargain: CHS self-assessment encourages setting up complaints mechanisms

The second independent report on the Grand Bargain found that important progress has been made in terms of cash programming, participation revolution, and multi-year planning and financing, and the Core Humanitarian Standard has driven change for some of the commitments.

IASC refers to CHS as good practice to tackle SEA and SHA

In a paper summarising actions undertaken to prevent, investigate, and respond to sexual exploitation and abuse (SEA) and sexual harrasment and abuse (SHA), the Inter-Agency Standing Committee (IASC) referred to the Core Humanitarian Standard on Quality and Accountabiltiy (CHS) and, more specifially, to the self-assessment tool and its PSEA score.

CHS launches in Mongolian and Lao and the Guidance Notes and Indicators in Mongolian

The Core Humanitarian Standard (CHS) is now available in Mongolian and Lao, and the Guidance Notes and Indicators in Mongolian. The CHS management team would like to thank World Vision International for coordinating the translation. The CHS in Mongolian and Lao will be an invaluable resource for humanitarian and development organisations working in Asia.

Promoting Accountability, and Quality Humanitarian Assistance to disaster and crisis affected communities in Pakistan

Humanitarian organizations in Pakistan are demonstrating increased commitment towards enhancing the capacities of their staff and partners on accountability standards to ensure quality assistance to the communities served. In April 2018, Community World Service Asia provided technical support through two trainings to introduce the Sphere Minimum Standards and Core Humanitarian Standard (CHS).

Quality and Accountability COMPASS training sessions to take place in Geneva and Paris

Groupe URD will be running two training sessions on the Quality and Accountability COMPASS: implementing the Core Humanitarian Standard on Quality and Accountability (CHS) in international aid projects.

The Quality and Accountability COMPASS is evolving and we are interested in your opinion!

Having shared the pilot version of the Quality and Accountability COMPASS in January, and in the run-up to the final version to be launched in autumn, Groupe URD is conducting an online consultation to allow anyone who is interested to share their opinion and suggest ideas.

CHS training takes place in Gaziantep

Osman Consulting organised a training session about the Core Humanitarian Standard on Quality and Accountability (CHS) in Gaziantep, Turkey, from 9 to 11 April. The group, consisting of 30 participants, represented some 15 Syrian organisations operating in Syria and Turkey.

There is no accountability to donors without accountability to affected people

On 28 March the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) and the Harvard Humanitarian Initiative launched a a joint discussion paper that provides recommendations for humanitarian organisations and donors in today's digital era.
What's new
What's new

COAST Trust contributes to the first response in Cox Bazar, as Rohingya refugees reach Bangladesh, October 2017

Credit: COAST Trust, Bangladesh 

The Core Humanitarian Standard should be the basis against which we undertake and judge our work. To best support those affected by crises, we must always strive to match our technical interventions with the effort to meet the Standard.
Peter Walker, former Director, Feinstein International Center
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