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The CHS Alliance (formed by the merger of HAP International and People In Aid) are facilitating and overseeing the development and promotion of the Core Humanitarian Standard. The Sphere Project and Groupe URD are partners in the development and promotion of the CHS. For more information about the involvement of all of the organisations involved in this initiative, please email the following points of contact:

Ann Vaessen, Senior Communications Officer, CHS Alliance

Juan Michel, Communications Management, The Sphere Project

Jeanne Taisson, Chargée de communication, Groupe URD

Thank you for your interest in the Core Humanitarian Standard. If you have an enquiry, please fill out the web form below and we will get back to you shortly.

Staying connected
Staying connected

A Somali child who arrived in recent weeks at the Dadaab camp in northeastern Kenya walks to a new extension of the world's largest refugee settlement.
Credit: ACT Alliance/Paul Jeffrey

Accountability to affected populations is the “bedrock upon which all notions of [humanitarian] effectiveness are built.”
UN-OCHA, Consultative Workshop Humanitarian Effectiveness, Meeting Summary 21 March 2013, New York, USA
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