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The CHS was developed through an extensive consultation process that involved people and communities affected by crisis, aid workers and experts, national and international aid organisations and networks, and governments.  

Since its launch in 2014, the CHS has become a key reference in the aid sector. Hundreds of organisations use the CHS to guide and orient their work with growing evidence that it has driven improvements for those organisations that consistently apply it as part of their work. The CHS has also shaped and influenced global efforts to strengthen and improve quality and accountability in the sector. As foundation chapter for Sphere and associated standards in the Humanitarian Standards Partnership, the CHS has a direct impact on the quality of humanitarian work. It is also inspired by Groupe URD's Quality and Accountability Compass

CHS Alliance, Groupe URD and Sphere are the copyright holders of the CHS. They are entrusted with managing and promoting the standard and maintaining its integrity and relevance on behalf of the CHS’ users and supporters.

They each play complementary roles:

>> The CHS Alliance is a global alliance of over 150 humanitarian and development organisations committed to making aid work better for people. It supports its members and the wider aid community to promote and implement the CHS through their policies, processes and programme. It also supports monitoring and reporting how the CHS is being used by organisations and across the aid sector, including publishing the biennial Humanitarian Accountability Report, and manages the CHS verification scheme that is used to support self-assessments and external verification of how the CHS is applied. 

>> Groupe URD helps organisations to improve the quality of their programmes through evaluations, research, training, and strategic and quality support. It has developed the Quality & Accountability COMPASS that provides guidelines, processes and tools to help implement the CHS in organisations and programmes.

>> Sphere brings together a wide range of humanitarian agencies around the aim to improve the quality and accountability of humanitarian assistance. The Sphere Handbook sets common principles and universal minimum standards in life-saving areas of humanitarian response. The Core Humanitarian Standard is one of the three foundational chapters of the handbook, informing and supporting the technical standards, together with the Humanitarian Charter and the Protection Principles.

Furthermore, Sphere hosts and manages the Humanitarian Standards Partnership (HSP); a group of humanitarian standard initiatives covering a wide range of programming sectors and themes. All HSP standards share common foundations, including the CHS.

The copyright holders are joined by hundreds of organisations around the world that advocate for, promote and implement the CHS. 

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